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We are interested in on-site purchases of large amounts of metal.  

We started the facility in 02/01/2003 with very little capital, It was a slow start, but we did ok, and with long hours and a lot of work we were up and running. Our customers loved the hours that we stayed open. We had a great idea. I will tell you the reasons why we closed the doors after 2 Years. I owe it to the Customers that came in, and to the ones that call today. When I look back on it we did amazing things for the amount of money we had invested. We had a great idea, it was so great we had a corporation come in directly across the road.

 The biggest reason a business can fail is due to capitalization, competitors moving  across the street from where your business is.

 All we wanted to do is start, and run a facility with longer hours, great money for their metals, and  friendly service. 

 It was an easy thing that became complicated with beyond belief.