We are interested in on site purchases of metals that can be loaded with our rollback flatbed, we have a forklift to load with.

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We started the facility in 02/01/2003 with very little capital, It was a slow start, but we did ok, and with long hours and a lot of work we were up and running. Our customers loved the hours that we stayed open. We had a great idea. Sone I will tell you the reasons why we closed the doors after 2 Years. I owe it to the the ones that came in, and to the ones that call today. When I look back on it we did amazing things for the amount of money we had invested.

 The biggest reason a business can fail is due to being under capitalized, but there is more to our story, it will tell you how other business want to have it all by playing ever dirty trick in the book, and more.

 All we wanted to do is start, and run a facility with longer hours, great money for their metals, and  friendly service. 

The odds of someone ready what I write are low, but it will soon be come to this page. The part I love so much is the understanding that people have about our small business that could have done so well.

 I will add to this soon, thanks for coming in. We are working on a larger amount to work with in the near future.